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By the Sea

Our footsteps echo, breaking the silence
As we trace ourselves walking through sand
The gentle sea reflects the yellow sun
Which lights radiate to especially one

Who in time, will be the woman
In which my dreams will revolve around
The one who will be holding my hand
In all times of sorrow, hardships, and fun

And as we find our place on some ground
Dipped toes on saltwater made us fond
Watching the solar path through horizon
A peaceful scene once an imagination

This comfort, certainly shows the meaning
You’re the one who will make everything
Fall into right place, at the right time
Fall in love with me, please be mine

By evening the moonlight starts to shine
Against cold, a warm embrace shall suffice
My affection which it simply implies
Is a feeling that’s faithful and never lies

©jpethoughts, 2019


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