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Our Own Pace

This year, I am entering my quarter-life. I will be celebrating my 25th birthday on the next few months. Single. Broke. But at least, I’m happy. In contrast to what I am now, some of my classmates in high school and college are either engaged, or married. Some already raise their firstborn child. Some have their own home, own car, or even their own companies. Some have been working abroad for a while, earning cold, hard cash twice the amount we get at our own country. In short, they seem to have achieved more than I do.

Despite the fact that they have these things right now, I don’t feel any envy in my heart. Why? It’s because I believe we have our own timing in our lives.

Back to the time I was in college, I got bitten by the travel bug. Since my third year, I have been visiting various places in the region, bringing myself to the urban landscapes of Singapore and Hong Kong, to the ancient kingdoms of Cambodia and Myanmar, and especially to the pristine and white sand beaches of my own, Philippines. But of course, with costs of these excursions invading almost my entire bank account, I was left without enough budget for material things, which anyway, I don’t have priority with. While I spent most of my time planning and doing this (while having a full time job), most people were working hard for their career growth and financial independence. While I was ticking my Asian bucketlist one-by-one, most people were learning the fundamental knowledge of their chosen field piece-by-piece. In short, we had different priorities at the same stage of life.

But there came a time when my interest with travel plummeted while the travel industry actually shoot up like a rocketship. This was the time when I could see my friends visiting the places I’ve already seen before. And this was the time I most likely developed in my mind a new goal: career growth and financial independence.

As you can see, I have lived in a different way compared to most people in my age, but I don’t see any difference in contentment and happiness. It is my natural character not to follow the common social traditions if I am not into it, because I believe that following my own development is a lot easier, even though it’s hard to do it in action with the world as the witness.

I am just pointing out that we don’t need to follow what everyone wants us to achieve at any given point, but what ourselves want us to be. We don’t need to compare ourselves to others, because I am certain that in billions of people there will be surely someone who lives better than us. We just need to look at our own standards, listen to what our heart says, and set it as our own measure of success.

As for me, starting this year, I am catching up with my career by earning the same credentials which the others have earned years before me. I am also planning to take a higher degree relative to my current job. I am doing my best to increase my professional value, to land in a higher-paying, and higher-learning job. Not only these but I also set more goals for myself to be a better person than what I was before. Even though I still occasionally travel, I can say that somehow I am more focused to the other dimensions of life wherein it is not my priority.

If somehow you, the reader, may be experiencing a quarter-life or midlife crisis, I hope you will find what makes you happy at the moment, try to pursue it, and don’t let the external factors make up what you are and how successful you are. You are the only one who can define it. At your own pace.

© jpethoughts, 2019


9 thoughts on “Our Own Pace

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  1. It is so interesting how times and values are measured in different parts of the world! Here in Spain, I was the weirdo for starting to work right after finishing my studies, getting married at 27 and having a child before 30.
    So your story looks amazing to me! With a 7 years older perspective, I can assure that you will have all the time, values and skills to get the carreer you want, the life that makes you happy, the the travels you still plan to do… and so on.
    Your feelings and thoughts are the best attitude, keep them as the treasure they are!
    Well done young boy! 💪🏼

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    1. Thank you! Hahaha, I guess here in Asia it’s really a tradition to settle down early. Some of my female friends worry about being single in their late 20s. Perhaps I was influenced by the western travelers I met abroad, who are still enjoying their single life at their 30s.
      I agree with that, I still have so much time for everything. And so are you!

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  2. Loved reading this JPE. At the end of the day you would be happier and more fulfilled than your friends. But that too isn’t relevant. You are happy. You did what you wanted too. And you are on the right path. God willing you will be married soon and shall have enough to lead a fulfilling life. Much love and blessings

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  3. Great Wall and great image! It’s been too easy for me to be critical of those who come after me, unappreciative of those who walk beside me, and envious of those who go ahead of me on this journey. Keep one’s pace is not easy, but it pays off. I wish you well JPE!

    Liked by 2 people

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