Memories, Segment 1

We were already friends when I set foot on your hometown. I was new to work, and you were a student. We met online, talked for a while before I got your social account contact. Because I was talkative to you, I kept you informed with my plans about my travels. On my tricountry trip, I updated you every single day, sent you photos of the cityscapes I saw right through my eyes. And because I would visit your place, I was eager to see you as well. You might be hesitant at first, but I finally got the chance. I was in Tokyo when I bought a small gift I thought of giving you when we would meet, a token of appreciation for keeping me from loneliness while I was in Taiwan and Japan. I know you’d like it, because it resembled your favorite cartoon character which you told me previously about. Sounds sweet, yeah?

“Meet me on this station, this exit”. As I got off the subway, I was looking at my phone, checking out the map. “Hello”, a stranger talked to me. It took me a while to recognize you, before I smiled and waved back. We went out of the station together, and we bought waffles and milk tea to spend the afternoon. I remember how difficult it was for us to converse the first time, because you were not used to speak English.

We had a lot of stories to share, so we walked around the mall twice before you went home. That was short, but your parents were strict so every single second of you coming home late might mean something for them. Before we parted ways, I handed you my little present, which you liked as expected. You even posted it on Instagram, and I was grateful for it.

Starting that day, our friendship went deeper.

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