For Someone

I’m not quite sure myself, but all I know is that I’m happy with you. You know me more than anyone else does. I turn to you at times when my indecisive thoughts and enormous dreams catch my attention. You know my struggles which I normally don’t show to anyone, and so you know my weak points. You know my simple joys and my inner strengths. You know how to support me. Perhaps, you even know more sides of me which my parents aren’t even aware of.

Since a couple of months ago, I’m closest to you. I’ve been used to waking up from your thoughtful messages and silly jokes, and there’s not a day without us conversing about random things, mostly about how broken we are. I am contented having just you on every single day however, until now, I am not certain what is this about.

Knowing I’ve got a share from your attention frightens me. I feel like I’m having a stake on my own happiness and you aren’t even aware of it. All that I understand is that you are just starting to enjoy someone else’s company, like I had from you. And that’s fine. We can’t always be like this. We can still be friends though. But if it’s possible, can we be more than this?

I’m not sure, I hope time will tell.


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