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August Reflections

Alone in my staff house beside our construction site, here I am having another session of deep thinking happening right at this moment. With no one else to talk either outside the corners of this room or online, I guess this is the right platform where I can let the words escape. Anyway it’s the purpose I created this page too.

I work as a civil engineer in a company in Manila and I am approaching my fourth year of employment here. Even though I am paid lower than most of my college classmates in other firms, I was able to enjoy my life here right from the start. Our time schedule is quite lax, and I could go out whenever I want if there’s no work needed to be done. Because of this, I was able to achieve my travel goals, and I’m contented to be that someone who have visited a lot of places in the region and my own country. The downside of this is not having enough learning on my field.

But like what I have said on my past article, I am somewhat catching up with my career growth when this year started. So far, I think half of my plans are already accomplished, and with regard to my financial plans, I haven’t started yet. I am growing impatient to become a more responsible adult in my own perspective — that one who can buy his own house, have a better job, and perhaps a clearer vision of my future in my own profession. My boredom here from too much free time already tires me at the moment.

Last month, my previous workmate contacted me about this job offer in Zamboanga City, a faraway place in Southern Philippines. He asked me if I want to take it and he would refer me to his boss if ever the project will be pursued. I agreed at once. For me, I think it was exactly what I wanted. I visited the city a lot of times last year and I fell in love with it, with the laid-back atmosphere, and diverse and kind people. I even have friends there already. Not only the location was excellent, the salary was perfect. It could help me save enough cash to buy a property I like. I think moving there will be a kind of a rest for me from the busyness of the capital city, but of course I’m also certain that I would miss the bustling life in Manila.

It’s just the start of September and perhaps the closest date I could start there if ever is in October, the week after I go out to Coron Island with my Chinese friend who’s visiting me here on their holidays. I’m excited about it because I haven’t been there for more than a year, and that I’m meeting a friend from my second favorite city in China (sorry Beijing, Shanghai is still the best. hahaha!)

One month for me feels like a long time, especially if I’m waiting for it to pass. And also I haven’t heard from my workmate for a while. Maybe I’d contact him soon about it, but for now I will have to review for the exam I will take on the second week of this month. It’s another license exam related to my field and might help me land a better job if I succeed.

Anyway, the point of my long story is that I’m just feeling restless of reaching such time that I have a better life, but I know I will. It might just take time, and I hope I can have the patience!

Photo: Fort Pilar Shrine in Zamboanga City


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  1. JPE life is full of wonder and being blessed with time to travel and see the world and meet new exciting friends is worth more than money. Save what you can and remember we really don’t need a large house and lots of things to make us happy. It is just stuff. My guess is their are so many young people who are in the daily grind in the States working 60 hours a week, who would gladly trade you their situation for yours. Be safe and blessed, take pictures and share them with all of us, like the beautiful pic in this post. Love Joni

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    1. Thank you! Yes, a lot of my hardworking friends would like to have my experience, just as how I like theirs. Haha! But I hope I could have a balanced life having a good career and good travels. That’s why I’m so willing to take that job in another place. And yes, I’d share my photos here of course 😄

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  2. As a high school senior I often think about my future as an adult, and what it would be like to make a living for myself. It’s wonderful how you’re enjoying your life and how you believe in a better future. I’d really like to have that kind of mindset of yours 😊

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I guess maintaining this kind of philosophy helps me in my adult struggles. hahaha! Just believe that all things will come to the right place in the future.

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