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Falling in love is inevitable. We may never know who, when, or where it will happen. Neither we don’t know why. All we know is that in an instant, there is a certain person who will enter and never leave your mind, will keep every moment as memorable like being in euphoria during the times you’re with her. There will be this certain person who will be a great factor to your everyday happiness, to every decision you will make, to every thing that you will do, and will make you think that she is the reason why you are living.

But what if that person is someone you can’t be with? Someone that is surely can’t be yours? I bet that is really frustrating, or can cause extreme despair. What if that person, already has someone?

Love can either have bright and dark sides. Paradise may be reachable while being in love, so as hell. There will be times you’ll feel like everything is perfect, and sometimes like everything is a mistake. There will be times you’ll shed tears of joy, and sometimes tears of sorrow. Everyone is sure to experience these, whether in the past, present, or future. Love never chooses. Everyone can fall in love.

© jpethoughts, 2015


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