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It takes a single photograph
for memories to come back to life;
and through this single shot
we could reminisce the sweet spot
when we owned our time,
when we could do our will
to hold each other’s arms,
to laugh and to love,
to discover our hearts
where our names are spelled out
and both engraved —
promising we’d both remember
that when the time comes
that circumstances would come between us,
no one would give up,
no one would walk away
because our feeling was so strong —
raging like a wave;
blowing like a gale;
blazing like a fire;
shaking like a quake.
But who knew,
such force was easily frozen
with the illusion of distance?
And so that’s why
it just remained
and will only be contained
in a collection of photographs.

© jpethoughts, 2020


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