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A Letter for the Past

Two years have passed since the last time we talked, and I’m here wondering where have you been, what things have you done, and who are you with now. Of course I won’t forget you and the beautiful moments we used to share which are still delightful as they come to my mind, although the harder parts are still what strike me the most. I remember how it felt like myself during our last months β€” as if I was carrying the weight of the world and unfortunately you were the reason. Finally walking away from you gave me the taste of freedom yet I was regretful that our story has ended.

Anyway, don’t be mistaken by this statement thinking that I want you back. What’s done is done, and trust cannot be brought back to what it was on the start. I’m already happy with my own life, and perhaps you are too. I just want to know if you even felt remorseful with your actions, and if my absence made you realize my worth when I was still yours β€” the one who showered you the love you ever wanted; the one who offered you this in complete fidelity; the one who supported you in all of the times; the one who gave you his everything. I hope you do.

Β© jpethoughts, 2020


10 thoughts on “A Letter for the Past

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  1. Same sentiments… Hope they realize, no? Though even if we still remember them up to now, that does not change the fact that we are lucky to be out of that kind of relationship. πŸ™‚


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  2. I have that too…moments when I nagged myself about the whys and hows but it will also bring me back to the NOW that makes me thankful about it. We embrace everything good and bad, memories happy or sad. They’re all part of that past that helps you move on to achieve what you are TODAY. Live no matter what.

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