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The Pessimist

I’m not ready for another chapter to commence while I’m enjoying the simplicity of my life at the moment. The joy and contentment of my independence has filled my everyday with passion to learn about my strengths and earn friendships that I will ever truly cherish. I’m not ready to let another one to come into my deepest comfort, to let down the walls which have thickened and towered caused by heartbreaks in my past. I don’t want to share my secrets again, thinking that this will be another revelation of myself to whom I’m not sure to spend my whole life with. I know that bringing myself to the next pages would let me earn happiness which I could not attain by myself, but I don’t want that this will also cause more sorrows per se. I’m not ready to love someone yet, thinking that this person will just be another character who’ll be stuck in a single chapter of my story.


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