I wonder if in the next few years I would also be compiling our photos together, showing all our guests how we met and how did it come up to such a wonderful beginning. I am looking forward to its possibility, and just thinking of it makes my heart excited. Happy I am to be with you now, what more if I will be with you for a lifetime?

How I wish I have met you sooner, so I would love you longer than now. I know we cannot turn back time, but keep in mind that I will still love you as much as I can, like how the ocean embraces the land, like how the moon surrounds the earth, and like how the night sky makes our minds in peace.

We might have known each other for a short while, but I know having you will be worth it all. As we take a step further, I will wholeheartedly dedicate my time for you, for us, to build the future we would want, to create our own story, and to share it to anyone that matters.

I hope that time would come.

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