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Dance of Hope

In silence of a brilliant night,
I looked upon the starry sky
and suddenly I realized,
it was you running on my mind.
And the music started to play,
“shall we dance?”, to you I have said.
And the orchestra sang the notes
which even lifted my blazing hopes.
As I touched your soft, gentle hands,
anymore, I didn’t want it to end.
And as we moved to take our first step,
we danced like we don’t need a prep.
Just like a piano’s melody,
I’ll ever treasure this memory.
If this alone feels so magical,
why doesn’t it have to be so real?
— with you, always by my side,
— with you, never leaving my sight.
The future suddenly seemed so close;
with you, it’s as wonderful as rose.
And as I started to embrace you,
I felt like dreams do really come true.
Shall the concept of you and I
be one of those to realize?
I know, the universe can align
the stars to eternally shine
from the night I can truly claim
that you are mine, again and again.

© jpethoughts, 2021

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