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In times of silence, I always wonder how things run into your mind — if you ever think of me, to be precise. I know I shouldn’t expect, but if you haven’t known yet, that’s what happens to me all the time; the thoughts of you never disappeared from my daily life since the moment I realized that you were someone different… someone who would change the way my world revolves.

I know it’s too soon to say, but when I wake up in the morning, I instantly feel a strong longing for your presence — how your voice becomes more than just a lullaby, how your touch becomes more than just a comfort. Perhaps there is not enough words to say that I miss you, but a simple glance of you shall surely calm my inner chaos. When could that be? That we don’t know. But as the tides of our time come to a halt, I will hold your hand and never let go.

Although the circumstances currently control our distance, I will not allow the chances of living our life together put into oblivion. I believe that with every faith I put to God, with every wish I whisper to a shooting star, with every hope I make when the clock strikes 11:11, the universe will conspire and manifest what I truly want for us. The future might be blurred at the moment, but as the months and years unravel that possibility, I shall welcome you with arms wide open, and love you until our hearts forget they used to be broken.

© jpethoughts, 2021


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