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About JPE’s Thoughts

Writing has been the main form of my sentimental expression. The thoughts in my mind and the feelings in my heart are naturally reflected from the words recorded through my pen. This sincerity shall be evident on each of my compositions.

Probably, thousands of words have already come out of me ever since I started to write, and I think it would be best for me to share these crafts to everyone. With the use of this blog, I will be able to connect with you, especially with whomever possesses the same experience embodied on each of my writings. Isn’t it lovely to know you’re not alone?

I will be constantly posting every poem, article, or whatsoever which shakes my imagination in my current state. I hope you will enjoy reading everything inside the page.

Greetings from Manila, Philippines!
(Photo taken in Tawi-Tawi, PHL)


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