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We were close for so long
and I’ve been falling all along:
touched by your thoughtful words
and felt your dear little actions.

One day my courage took me
to the point of my confession
“I like you”,
uttered phrase came from my mouth.
I could recognize the look of your surprise.
Without hesitation,
I followed up a question:
“Do you like me too?”
Without any word from you,
I got the message from your sorry eyes.

And that’s when I learned
that silence doesn’t always means yes.

© jpethoughts, 2019


13 thoughts on “Rejection

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  1. Nothing hurts like being rejected from someone you are starting to care for and then realize their insincerity. Sorry your heart was hurt. I knew that feeling twice when young and it hurts. Your prose is so expressive. I love it. Thank you. Love Joni

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