By the Sea

Our footsteps echo, breaking the silenceAs we trace ourselves walking through sandThe gentle sea reflects the yellow sunWhich lights radiate to especially one Who in time, will be the womanIn which my dreams will revolve aroundThe one who will be holding my handIn all times of sorrow, hardships, and fun And as we find our... Continue Reading →


Finally I'm back to this cityThat used to hold our memoriesStrolling around the same alleysIs it still a part of me? In here are our first everythingMy lips touched yours in BeijingMy arms wrapped around your beingWhy I am still missing? Those would be the lastWe won't have another chanceThank you for the timesWhen I... Continue Reading →

Resilient Desire

Among the millionsYou are oneA voice unheardWho doesn't wantTo leave astrayThe beloved stateLost in darknessConsumed by greedWhere is justice?Where is hope?A body of thievesA party of liarsIs ever governingWith all their prideWinning, blindingPeople of the lieWhere is justice?Where is hope?We shall standWith right principleAgainst all oddsWe are one ©jpethoughts, 2019


She leftNot because I wasn't enoughBut because I was more than she wanted She leftNot because I wasn't carefulBut because I was so much concerned She leftNot because I wasn't just infatuatedBut because I was madly, deeply in love She leftNot because I wasn't her fantasyBut because I was the existing reality We were blazing... Continue Reading →

A Love of a Thousand Miles

It takes everything to love a person. When you are deeply into her, you can think of every possible chance only to meet her and it doesn't matter however hard it is or how much time will it cost you. Seeing her face in reality is incomparable to endless texts and long video calls. Long... Continue Reading →


I know this is suddenBut can I tell you something?I've never been so dreamyThan wanting you to be with me Stuck in my head, you areConstantly running on my mindEver since that single moment,When I still haven't realized That I am genuinely happyThat you're always there for meWhen no one else did careYou're the one... Continue Reading →

A New Personal Blog

To everyone who may be stumbled upon this brand new page, I am gratefully welcoming you to my very own small space where I will put my ideas into words, be it opinions, experiences, plans, poetry, ambitions, or musical compositions. This will represent a collection of my thoughts. I shall name it JPE's Thoughts: Personal... Continue Reading →

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