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One Day You Will

One day you will just
wake up and feel
that the hurting is gone;
that your suffering,
which seemed like wouldn’t end,
has already been neutralized.
One day you will just
stop caring
and chasing
for that wrong person
who caused your agony
in the first place.
You will just realize
how blinded you were,
how selfless you were,
serving that someone,
maintaining her happiness.
You will be able
to see clearly
that almost nothing
was left for your own.
One day you will
to think about it anymore.
You will just long
for the freedom
from immense pain
that you have endured
for a long time.
One day you will
that the only way
to regain such feeling
is to go
and leave everything behind.
One day you will
have the courage
to take the first step.
And as you start to walk away,
you will feel rather complete
than what you have thought
that someone else
would complete you by herself.
One day you will feel happier
because of this, and
because you deserve it.
One day you will…

Β© jpethoughts, 2019


19 thoughts on “One Day You Will

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  1. WOW, you capture our feelings so well–I love the note about how we will feel complete, no longer needing someone else to complete us–BRAVO!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This poem, really speaks to my heart. To the heartbreak I am currently going through, my healing process. I understand what you are saying here. I have to step away from the broken person to become the one I truly am. To embrace a new person who is whole. I am taking those steps now. What an affirmation to discover your sweet words like a balm to my stormy battle.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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